Angelica F. Duczakowski, PA

Meet Angelica, Physician Assistant

Education and Training

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies
MA College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science
Stonehill College
Easton, MA


Massachusetts Licensed Physician Assistant
National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
Drug Enforcement Administration – Controlled Substance Registration Certificate
American Heart Association – BLS Certified
Preceptor for Physician Assistant Students
Pi Alpha National Honor Society for PAs

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Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5 (113 Ratings, 23 Comments)
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our entire family use these doctors and practitioners
Southshore - PG Survey


I never felt rushed.
Southshore - PG Survey


*Angelica was very good. Much better than the physician I Saw last time.
Southshore - PG Survey


She was absolutely wonderful so well getting the info to me - in a clear knowledgeable pleasant manner - she was full of enthusiasm in distributing the information.
Southshore - PG Survey


The entire experience was informative, courteous, helpful and 100% comforting. My thanks to everyone!
Southshore - PG Survey


This is not my first time seeing Angie...I am a repeat customer because she is amazing. Her care and concern is genuine. She listens thoroughly and I never feel rushed. She is extremely knowledgeable and I always know that I am in capable hands. I had an excellent experience with Angie.
Southshore - PG Survey


There was a young PA-in-training and she actually administered the shots. Discussion before asking if I was comfortable w/that.
Southshore - PG Survey


She gave me great information / expectations about results.
Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


She did a very good job with an 11 yr old boy in explaining the issues.
Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


xrays were negative. i was told it could be this. it could be that. it could get better on its own. my knee pain is worse than before. something must be wrong.
Southshore - PG Survey


I was in the office for an evaluation and do not feel that my skin was every evaluated. The doctor never came within 5 ft. of me or ever touched my face. Multiple options were never discussed.
Southshore - PG Survey


Again this is an organization that has no patience with patients that ask questions and are trying to understand. The mere fact that a patient would ask a question is a problem, which is absurd for a medical organization.
Southshore - PG Survey


I never got to view my MRI pictures.
Southshore - PG Survey


Angie was superb!!!!!
Southshore - PG Survey


I felt like my caregiver was just a bit dismissive of my complaint of knee pain. I don't feel she completely understood the extent of my injury. She basically said I only had a "little arthritis", and that i shouldn't be getting another cortisone shot so soon, ( it had been 4 months since my initial one). It seemed that she wasn't aware that the reason I got the first shot was due to an injury which was diagnosed by Dr. McConville as a bone bruise, ( and there were also signs of arthritis). She was also seemed a little hurried. I felt like I had to rush through my questions as she was walking out the door.
Southshore - PG Survey


I'd had a previous treatment by Ms. Duczakowski. I found her to be informative, efficient & skillful so I requested her again.
Southshore - PG Survey


Didn't really give me any advice about how to treat the problem. When asked if I should do this or that, was told "sure you can do that".
Southshore - PG Survey


This was our 1st of probably a few broken bones. Very happy with Angie and hope if we need to go to an ortho again, it will be her.
Southshore - PG Survey


PA was very "matter of fact" in our conversation. She was more intent on explaining the procedure to the student who was monitoring the visit.
Southshore - PG Survey


This was my third appointment in three years. The service and care of the staff is excellent. I appreciate the care received.
Southshore - PG Survey