Glen Seidman, M.D.

Meet Dr. Seidman

Fellowship Trained in Hand &
Upper Extremity Surgery

Specializing In

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
Orthopedic Trauma
General Orthopedic Surgery

Medical Degree

Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA


Boston University Medical Center
Boston, MA

Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Board Certifications

American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Certificate for Added Qualification in Surgery of the Hand

Hospital Affiliations

South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth MA – Active Staff

Clinical Interests

Hand and upper extremity surgery, wrist arthroscopy, adult and pediatric
orthopedic surgery, orthopedic trauma

Specialty Society Memberships:

AAOS American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
ASSH American Society for Surgery of the Hand
MMS Massachusetts Medical Society
MOA Massachusetts Orthopedic Association

Team coverage

Thayer Academy Football


Osterman, AL, Seidman, GD: The role of Arthroscopy in the treatment of
lunatotriquetral ligament injuries. Hand Clinics 1995; 11(1): 41-50.

Seidman, GD, Koerner, PA: Brachial artery rupture associated with closed
posterior elbow dislocation: a case report and review of the literature.
J Trauma; 39 (2): 318-21.

Seidman, GD, Margles, SW: Dorsal wrist ganglion presenting as anterior
wrist ganglion. J Had Surgery 1994; 19A: 959-60.

Seidman, GD, Wenner, SM: Surgical treatment of the duplicate thumb.
J Pedi Ortho 1993; 13: 660-62.

Oberlander, M. Seidman, GD Whitelaw, GP: The treatment of isolated ulnar
shaft fracture with functional bracing. Orthopaedics 1993; 16 (1): 29-32.

Greenleaf, J, Berkowitz, RD, Whitelaw, GP, Seidman, GD: Hawkins type II
fracture-dislocation of the talus and diastasis of the tibiofibular joint without
concomitant fracture of the malleoli: a case report. Cllinical Ortho 1992; 279:

Seidman, GD, Wenner, SM: The surgical treatment of duplicated thumbs:
a long-term study (Abstract). J Jpn Ortho Assoc 1992; 66 (2) (3).

Seidman, GD: Emergerncy orthopaedics: the extremities (Book Review).
Ortho Today 1992; 11 (4): 30.

Press Ganey

Patient Ratings and Comments

Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5 (263 Ratings, 39 Comments)
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provider came in I explained my issue he told me have no feeling in my hand for only 2 weeks was not long enough to do anything. he suggested wearing a hockey elbow pad to bed. if it was not better in another month then come back and they will send me to Nuerology for tests. I explained to the Doctor that I am a competition shooter and need my hand to shoot. he didn't seem to care and just said wear the elbow pad for a month and my hand numbers should go away. when in fact the elbow brace is making the numbness worse.
Southshore - PG Survey


everything about the doctor was excellent. I felt he cared deeply and spent the right amount of time with us
Southshore - PG Survey


great Dr, great experience
Southshore - PG Survey


I liked Dr .Seidman. he spent time with me. I didn't feel like he was rushed. I'm not sure he impressed upon me the limitations of my activity/ mobility & I may have over done it. I'm now concerned I have prolonged my healing. Will see this week with repeat X-rays. more pain than I think I should have & I had to ask for pain meds. Dispensed #15, not enough.
Southshore - PG Survey


very caring provider
Southshore - PG Survey


this provider is very kind and patient
Southshore - PG Survey


great experience
Southshore - PG Survey


*Dr. Seidman is wonderful dr and a great asset to So. Sh. Ortho I highly recommend him.
Southshore - PG Survey


still experiencing __________________ in hands
Southshore - PG Survey


I absolutely love Dr. Seidman. He is always happy and just has a way of making you feel good. He makes you very comfortable.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Seidman is a fantastic Doctor. My son and daughter have both been patients of his due to sports injuries. He has a great style of communication with the patients and parents and is always reasonable but straight to the point with diagnosis and healing time.
Southshore - PG Survey


excellent experience...timely and thorough
Southshore - PG Survey


very good service
Southshore - PG Survey


I didn't think there was much that could be done for the wrist that was not already being done. The Dr did provide a script for PT which was the purpose of the visit and had me make a follow up appt.
Southshore - PG Survey


i've been going to Dr Seidman for years I know is a hand specialist but I have trusted him with my knees is a wonderful guy wonderful doctor
Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


I spent 5 minutes with doctor and 2 hours in the facility. my time is just as valuable as yours
Southshore - PG Survey


after my surgery I will be able to answer the last 2 questions.
Southshore - PG Survey


of all the doc's I have met dr. seidman puts them to shame with his cheerful & happy outlook as well as his exceptional skills
Southshore - PG Survey


I really am thankful for the doctor!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Seidman is an excellent professional and full of information and genuinely cares
Southshore - PG Survey


love Dr. Seidman!
Southshore - PG Survey


The PA, Maja, was outstanding and provided a very high level of care.
Southshore - PG Survey


Toddler walked on a broken leg for 2 weeks. When the first Dr. we saw did not make correct diagnosis.
Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Seidman is definitely a very caring physician.
Southshore - PG Survey


I always recommend South Shore Orthopedics
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Seidman is great! He is very good with kids and makes them feel very comfortable! He's great!!!
Southshore - PG Survey


Pleased with my appointment.
Southshore - PG Survey


great people working there !
Southshore - PG Survey


spoke very fast and was hard to follow at times
Southshore - PG Survey


very good experience on all levels
Southshore - PG Survey


I did have a question about my treatment after the visit so it would be helpful if there was email access to ask follow up question
Southshore - PG Survey


my doctor is great!!!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Seidemann a fantastic Doctor. Knowledgeable and quite personable!
Southshore - PG Survey


I am very happy with So. Shore Orthopedics, I do feel the Dr. is always rushing to get to the next patient. This is not a reflection on personality or professionalism. I just feel like my questions are answered at a very fast pace with anticipation of getting on to the next patient. I realize there is a tight schedule, but a few minutes couldn't hold up things too much.
Southshore - PG Survey


best care
Southshore - PG Survey


dr.didn't try to diagnose problem. just referred me to pt. now 2 weeks later PT is recommending mri. wish I had gotten mri at Initial visit so PT knew what they were treating.
Southshore - PG Survey


Sideman MD is excellent.
Southshore - PG Survey

Caroline's Story


Positioning herself to perfectly execute a winning shot is something Caroline McCarthy does well. Last summer, however, she never could have imagined that a tie-breaking point in a game would land her in South Shore Hospital’s emergency department with a severe wrist fracture….