John Kadzielski M.D.

Meet Dr. Kadzielski

Fellowship Trained in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, Microsurgery

Specializing In

Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery


Director, Division of Hand Surgery
South Shore Hospital


Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

Internship and Residency

Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program, Boston, MA:

  • General Surgery Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Administrative Chief Resident, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Massachusetts General Hospital Hand Surgery Fellowship,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Board Certification

American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand

Hospital Privileges

South Shore Hospital, Active Staff, Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Weymouth, MA.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Active Staff, Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Boston, MA.

Professional Affiliations

American Medical Association
Massachusetts Medical Society
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Society
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
American Association for Hand Surgery – Candidate Member
American Society for Surgery of the Hand – Candidate Member


  • Harvard College Scholarship
  • Student National Medical Association Region VII Research Competition 2nd Place in Clinical Science
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2004 Marathon Strides Chapter Team Award & Super Team Award
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
  • Harvard Medical School Teacher/Mentor Award
  • Kilfoyle Award, 2010 New England Orthopaedic Society Fall Meeting
  • H. Kirk Watson, M.D. Founder’s Award, 2010 New England Hand Society Annual Meeting
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Patient Safety Star
  • Non-Clinical Research Paper Award, Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program Resident Thesis Day
  • The Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School Editor’s Award
  • Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program James H. Herndon, M.D., M.B.A., Resident Teaching and Mentoring Award

Publications (Peer Reviewed)

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Error Reporting and Safety Protocol Compliance: An Alternative to Punishment and Enforcement.
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Publications (Non-Peer Reviewed)

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Press Ganey

Patient Ratings and Comments

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5 (253 Ratings, 51 Comments)
Personal Issues
Overall Assessment
Moving through visit

Recent Comments


although not intended, I felt that the Dr did not take the injury seriously. i received followup direction on this visit (orthopedic therapy), but after the 1st visit a couple months ago, I wasnt given a lot of direction on how to make the finger better, so I put finger in a splint, which may not have been the best course of action on my behalf
Southshore - PG Survey


I've seen my provider for two years. This was a bad visit-I felt un heard and told that nothing was wrong after less than 5 min of discussion. I'm going to see a new provider.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Kadzielski is an amazing physician!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Kadzielski is a kind, caring, compassionate, doctor. He has a gentle calming bedside manner,I always felt he would spend the day explaining things if needed, I never felt rushed from my first surgery till my last office appointment. Many thanks to Dr K. for making this experience have a positive outcome.
Southshore - PG Survey


Love, love *Dr. Kadzielski. He is a sweet person & great dr. He is very considerate & always listens. And not just listens but cares about you!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. K was remarkable throughout, so much so that my wife wanted to attend all of my meetings with him. He was thoughtful about the surgery, and the surgery itself was marvelously successful.
Southshore - PG Survey


i walked in barley able to pick up a piece of paper and left knowing i will be almost pain free for the indefinite future.
Southshore - PG Survey


I had no problems with the dr. but the woman that removed my sutures left 2 in. which became very painful & inflamed. *Dr. K. had to dig one of them out - quite painful.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. K is the best. He listens intently and really cares. Great " bedside " manner.
Southshore - PG Survey


I always recommend Dr. K as a hand specialist. He is a fantastic Dr. and he has a very sincere, caring way about himself.
Southshore - PG Survey


already have recommended Dr K to 2 friiends
Southshore - PG Survey


he is good dr but rushes you n his wait times are not good
Southshore - PG Survey


*Dr. Kadzielski was wonderful and I received excellent treatment and care. I am fortunate to have been referred to him for surgery on my arm and would highly recommend him to others.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Kadzielski talked to me and explained things to me in a way I could understand! the staff were all great especially Kelly who kindly checked us out and set up a follow up appointment.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr K is a gentle Ben.
Southshore - PG Survey


*DR.personality. Great man that cared me two times he lets you know everything you need or ask for layman then great personality.
Southshore - PG Survey


dr John k always goes above and beyond while taking care of kevin
Southshore - PG Survey


Great experience - all my options were explained
Southshore - PG Survey


I know the appointments were running late, but I felt quite rushed. I was told I needed additional surgery and was not given much time to process this before I was taken to a secretary to schedule.
Southshore - PG Survey


go talk to him. you will know if five minutes he is a pompous jerk
Southshore - PG Survey


Top notch care at South Shore Orthopedics... I would recommend anyone go there and would go again if needed and hopefully see the same surgeon.
Southshore - PG Survey


The initial appointment was very different than the surgical appointment. He was very helpful and supportive for the operation. He was clear and kind with what we should expect in the coming days following the procedure. And his follow up phone call was appreciated.
Southshore - PG Survey


I had such a great experience that I took Dr. 's cards to pass out
Southshore - PG Survey


I found the doctor to be friendly and welcoming but I would have appreciated a slightly slower pace. He did not offer much information on the injection I received or what the possible cause was....
Southshore - PG Survey


*D. Kadzielski was very kind and personable. He was genuinely interested in me and my recovery. He saved my arm and is an excellent surgeon.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr.John was great!
Southshore - PG Survey


Really felt no value to the visit. "You will live . . . come back in 6 weeks". Why would I go back and pay another specialist co-pay for no value?
Southshore - PG Survey


Actual time with dr. was quick.
Southshore - PG Survey


i have a number of ortho issues and i will never go anywhere else.
Southshore - PG Survey


My son is using SSO.
Southshore - PG Survey


Seemed to know his stuff, but it was the first time I was being seen for arthritis in my hands and I noticed he never sat down! I was feeling a bit rushed. New discussion, would have appreciated more time. Routine for provider, not routine for patient.
Southshore - PG Survey


I was extremely expressed with the doctor and have already recommended him to fiends.
Southshore - PG Survey


The DR. is amazing. Excellent with handling injections, explaining medical diagnosis and giving you time to ask questions. He has a very calming and caring nature combined with professional knowledge and expertise that you want from your physician.
Southshore - PG Survey


wonderful, compassionate physician, personable and very informative about condition.
Southshore - PG Survey


Absolutely Recommend Dr. To everyone and this office..
Southshore - PG Survey


I felt rushed because he was late because of delay in OR.
Southshore - PG Survey


Southshore - PG Survey


Both the doctor and his assistant are fantastic. My son was excited to go see him. He was very informative and empathetic.
Southshore - PG Survey


This was the worst appointment in my 46 yrs. He was creepy, unconcerned and made me feel silly for being there. He provided no answers and no help. It was a big waste of money.
Southshore - PG Survey


Good experience
Southshore - PG Survey


dr. Kadzielski is a very caring provider
Southshore - PG Survey


the doctor was very quick to let me know what was wrong he was good
Southshore - PG Survey


rather go to a smaller and more caring setting. I understand this facility is all about volume. it reminded me of a busy er. experience was less than ok. I went for an ekg because I was going to have a pin in my thumb but nobody really could tell me why I needed an ekg. The pin procedure was explained but I felt I had to pry answers out of the doctor. We numb your thumb and then we put a pin in and move the bone over. I had no idea if they take the pin out. how long. he did say the only risk is infection. would I have a cast. I am sure the doctor has done hundreds of these pins. it was just making me sick to my stomach to think about a pin going into my thumb with a numbing agent. the doctor was very nice but the question and answer period was a bit awkward.
Southshore - PG Survey


I received excellent care from Dr. Kadzielski, very professional and kind.
Southshore - PG Survey


I liked the doctor, and it is clear he is very competent. However the information we got about what we were supposed to do was confusing, and we never received any sort of written directions. _____ needed an additional scan of the scaphoid bone. They put on a cast and then sawed it in half. I thought this was because she would quickly be getting the cat scan. As it turns out, we could not get a scan until a full week later on a Friday. At first the woman at the desk told me that it was an insurance clearance issue. (I was traveling out of the country on Monday-Wednesday so my husband was going to have to manage this, taking time away from his work.) ______ was injured on March 24th and we did not schedule the scan until the morning of April 1st. It is now Monday night April 4th, and we still have not heard back about her scan, and I called the doctor's office twice today. I presume there might be reasons for the delay, but I left the office very unsure of what was going to happen and when. We never got anything in writing to let us know, and the doctor did not clearly explain the time frame and what we had to do. The doctors at the emergency room at SSH were much more careful making sure that we understood what to do and when.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr K took extra time to answer questions in a calm and gentle manner. I left impressed with his improved "bedside" manner. Almost as if it was something he has been consciously working on to improve. Nice job!
Southshore - PG Survey


All nurses, doctors, PA's, etc. were very professional
Southshore - PG Survey


This is the third time *Dr.K Kadzielski has helped me out. The pain in my thumbs is so much better. Thank you!
Southshore - PG Survey


Doctor and staff were very nice
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. K was great. Very engaged - made me feel like he knew me well.
Southshore - PG Survey


while describing my Xray to the 2 individuals taking notes, I had to ask what it meant in layman terms.
Southshore - PG Survey