Michael E. Ayers, M.D.

Meet Dr. Ayers

Fellowship trained in Joint Replacement

Specializing In
Joint Replacement
Degenerative Joint Conditions
Orthopedic Trauma
General Orthopedic Surgery
Medical Degree
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MAInternship/Residency
University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Worcester, MAJoint Replacement Fellowship
Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MABoard Certification
American Board of Orthopedic SurgeryProfessional Memberships

  • MOA    Massachusetts Orthopedic Association, Director
  • MMS    Massachusetts Medical Society
  • AAOS   American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • NEOS   New England Orthopedic Society
  • Boston Orthopedic Club

Hospital Affiliations
South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA – Active Staff

Awards Received

  • Orthopedic Surgery Resident Research Award, Lahey Clinic Department of Orthopedic
    Surgery, 1996
  • Skip Costello Award, University of Massachusetts, Orthopedic Residency, June 2002


  • Healy W.L., Ayers, M.E. Iorio R. Patch D.A., Pfeifer B.A.
    Impact of Clinical Pathways and Implant Standardization on Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Clinical and Economic Study of Patient Outcomes Presentation at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the AAOS, Atlanta, GA, February 1996.
  • Healy W.L., Ayers, M.E., Iorio R. Patch D.A., Pfeifer B.A.
    Impact of Clinical Pathways and Implant Standardization on Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Clinical and Economic Study of Patient Outcomes Journal of Arthroplasty, 1998 Apr: 13(3): 266-76.
  • Ayers M.E., Prince M., Ahmadi S., Baran D.T.
    Use of Risk Factors and Quantitative Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Low Bone Mass Poster Format at: American Society for Bone and Mineral Research-IBMS 2nd Joint Meeting, December 1-6, 1998.
  • Ayers, M.E., Iorio, R., Healy, W.L.
    Periprosthetic Fractures after Total Knee Arthroplasty in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
    Editor: Scott, R. and Bono, J., Spring 2005.
  • Iorio, R., Kobayashi, S. Healy, W.L., Cruz, A. Ayers, M.E.
    Primary Posterior Cruciate Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Comparison of American and Japanese Cohorts. Submitted for publication, J Bone Joint Surg AM.

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Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5 (320 Ratings, 54 Comments)
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great visit no need o come back
Southshore - PG Survey


always a good experience. He is a good person who cares and you cannot do better than that.
Southshore - PG Survey


He was very helpful. Answer all my questions.
Southshore - PG Survey


very impressed and satisfied
Southshore - PG Survey


My overall experience was good.
Southshore - PG Survey


We had never been to Dr. Ayers before and found him to be very able and had a pleasant bedside manner. We felt confident in his care.
Southshore - PG Survey


I am still waiting to hear the results of the MRI Doctor Ayers ordered for me and I had done on 11/23
Southshore - PG Survey


I felt very confident being here I felt I was in professional care
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers and Dana Fanning rock the surgical world! I would recommend anyone needing a total knee replacement to them specifically!
Southshore - PG Survey


I seldom recommend anything to anyone
Southshore - PG Survey


I felt a little rushed with the doctor. He actually backed out of the room while finishing the appointment. I wish he had given me a minute to absorb the good information before backing out of the room. I have a medical background an understood most of the info but I felt he was a little too fast.
Southshore - PG Survey


he spoke too fast
Southshore - PG Survey


Overall I think the physician is very competent but was certainly rushed. I was disappointed in the lack of information regarding follow up. I understand my issue was most likely minor compared to most others, but I had a difficult time walking after leaving the appointment (had my broken toe moved back into place). I admit I was very surprised at how painful it turned out to be over the next several days, to the point I could not put any pressure on that foot and had to borrow crutches from my neighbor to get around. I have a fairly good tolerance for pain and do not complain often. I think the office was rushed that day and after waiting so long, I was given very little time by the doctor and no follow up information like- "this may be more painful for a few days". Maybe the physician didn't know that? Follow up was to come back in three weeks. I have visited this office (different physician) before and found it to be very efficient, not sure if this was an unusual day or if that is the way the office is now.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers and his "team" are phenomenal. He is excellent at what he does and when I first met him, was concerned he was going to be a bit "stuffy", but as we traveled a three-year road before I could get my hip replacement, I learned he had compassion and caring. He is a professional and definitely makes it clear if I am not following protocol.
Southshore - PG Survey


dr ayers was great
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr Ayers did my left hip last year and I'm back for the right side so I have confidence in him.
Southshore - PG Survey


I feel the doctor did not truly listen to what I was saying. He was not hearing my concerns. I have a hx of chronic back pain. I went to see him for worsening hip pain. I know the difference between my hip and my back pain. I also felt like taking care of my problem was beneath him as he does joint replacements and my pain did not warrant a joint replacement. I left the office with a script for PT for my back, fortunately the Physical Therapist listened and is trying to address my hip pain.
Southshore - PG Survey


very good experience
Southshore - PG Survey


Altogether an excellent introduction to orthopedics!
Southshore - PG Survey


After waiting a total of one hour for maybe 15 minutes time with doctor.
Southshore - PG Survey


I Love Dr. Ayers. He always takes the time to explain everything to me. I never feel rushed or unimportant. He is a wonderful, caring man.
Southshore - PG Survey


I recommend the ortho practice and Dr Ayers all the time
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Michael Ayers was kind, considerate and professional as usual.
Southshore - PG Survey


After a long wait, I felt that the doctor rushed the visit. I was felt that he had not taken time to look at my medical history as he came directly from another exam room & patient & had no time to read my history.
Southshore - PG Survey


I am in pain and have been since this visit! I have not been able to sleep. my concerns to address this pain was trivialized !!! I am not a drug addict but can not function or sleep and it has now caused me to feel weaker and depressed as my guided injection was scheduled three weeks away
Southshore - PG Survey


great experience. Dr ayers spent reviewing x-ray and explaining the problem .
Southshore - PG Survey


I was very pleased with the care.
Southshore - PG Survey


I was treated with respect and given options. Dr. was excellent listener and answered all questions and concerns.
Southshore - PG Survey


I found Dr Ayers comments about how I needed to continue handling my pain problems after being discharged a little harsh. Maybe he thought he was being funny but there's no funny in pain. I understand that my bone is healed or healing properly & there's nothing more he can do for me at this time but some of his funny comment left me a little lost & wondering.
Southshore - PG Survey


very good
Southshore - PG Survey


It's really too soon to judge Dr. Ayers on this one interaction, but I will be seeing him several more times in the coming weeks/months.
Southshore - PG Survey


I had to ask about alternatives to am immediate joint replacement re injections and gel injections. Dr didnt offer the until I asked about them. I felt like he was pushing for knee replacement and not concerned with my mental state to accept fact that I need one.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers was confident, caring and did a great job explaining the issue and options. His demeanor is excellent.
Southshore - PG Survey


has great bedside manner
Southshore - PG Survey


no follow up care or meds needed for this visit
Southshore - PG Survey


MD in exam rm. aprox 5 minutes but that was all that was required. This follow up visit was supposed to include a post op knee X-ray but MD stated they were to busy and to come back another day. I would rather have had my appointment cancelled that day.
Southshore - PG Survey


Great eye to eye contact and caring and listening to me and making me feel better. Thank you.
Southshore - PG Survey


It was my first time meeting Dr. Ayers and I was very comfortable with him. He answered all of my questions and did not rush in any way. I did refer someone to him since my appointment.
Southshore - PG Survey


very well done
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers is hands-down one of the best Orthopedic doctors, his demeanor and bed-side manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. Dr. Ayers made me feel comfortable and relaxed and asked me questions about my injury. Dr. Ayers was not distracted or rushed during my appointment, and I sensed how much he REALLY cared about my whole being and a recovery path. He made a recommendation as to what Doctor in the practice I needed to see for my specific injury, and made the appointment for the very next day.
Southshore - PG Survey


*Dr Ayers provided the best care I have ever had.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers is clearly competent, and he was thorough in his examination of my ankle, but I did feel somewhat rushed while he was explaining the cause of my injury and the recovery options. It definitely appeared as though he was being squeezed tightly that day.
Southshore - PG Survey


thing went good with the doctor. ha dsome light hearted conversation. effeciently diagnosed possible problem and sent me for confirmation
Southshore - PG Survey


Very good.
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Michael Ayers is efficient and friendly. He listens and answers my questions and concerns in an understandable manner. I sense he is interested in doing the best job possible and considers the whole person who is his patient.
Southshore - PG Survey


*Dr. Ayers did a great job helping me with an ongoing problem.
Southshore - PG Survey


I have recommended this office to 3 other people.
Southshore - PG Survey


I was able to ask questions and get information about my condition during the visit. After I got home, I wish I had written instructions about the aircast boot.
Southshore - PG Survey


#10. Have already referred several family members/friends for joint replacement surgery!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers was personable, thorough, and attentive. Diagnosed the cause of my pain and treated it effectively, which eliminated me having a surgery that I was told was needed Feeling well and grateful.
Southshore - PG Survey


This was my first visit to to Dr. Ayers. I will be seeing him once more before my scheduled arthroscopy. After that visit I should be able evaluate my confidence in him and possible recommendation to others. As appoint of interest, I saw Dr Ayers because I was told that he was the hip doctor in the practice and at that point my hip was thought to be the problem by my PCP. Dr. Ayers determined it was my knee. In the past I had a knee replacement by Dr. ... and approximately 1week later I requested to change to Dr.... and was told that they don't generally switch doctors or have a second opinion within the practice. I feel that this should not have occurred.
Southshore - PG Survey


*Dr. Ayers is the best!
Southshore - PG Survey


Dr. Ayers is excellent
Southshore - PG Survey


This was my 6 mos. check up after total hip replacement. Was in and out in no time and my questios and concerns were answered to my complete satisfaction. My hip is doing great and was given clean bill of health for my new hip.
Southshore - PG Survey

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Weymouth, MA 08/06/2015

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The cold never bothered her anyway…but the hip pain did. Elsa Gould decided she had had enough of the agony associated with her arthritic right hip.“It hurt even to lie down and try to sleep,” she said…..

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Norwell resident Peter Hasham returned to Michael Ayers, MD, for a total knee replacement at the end of January, after having two successful total hip replacements in 2012. “Before my first hip replacement, I remember being fearful, not certain what recovery would be like,” Peter said….