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Urgent Same Day and Next Day Appointments Available

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Individualized and our services Accessible care for every age

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Easy Check-in and Payment with iPass

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Do You Have Questions about an MRI

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  • Urgent Same Day and Next Day Appointments Available

    Contact Us

  • Individualized and our services Accessible care for every age

  • Easy Check-in and Payment with iPass

  • Do You Have Questions about an MRI

  • Elbow

    The elbow is referred to as a synovial hinge joint, or the location where the humerus in the upper arm meets the radius and ulna in the forearm. An injury or disease can harm the joint and make it painful to move. Although elbow pain is not typically life-threatening or serious, it can hinder an individual’s quality of life since the elbow is necessary to perform certain arm and hand movements.

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  • Hand and Wrist

    Hand and wrist pain can be frustrating. After all, we use our hands for almost everything we do. For this reason, hand and wrist pain can make everyday activities like brushing your hair or tying your shoelaces difficult.

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    South Shore Orthopedics specializes in helping patients with simple to complex knee conditions find the relief they deserve. Patients with knee conditions usually experience stiffness, swelling, pain, and instability that varies in intensity.

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  • Hip

    At South Shore Orthopedics, we see many patients who suffer from hip pain. The underlying cause of hip pain can be unveiled by determining the precise location of the pain.

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    Foot and Ankle

    Your feet support the weight of your whole body and play a vital role in your life by providing both balance and mobility. When you experience pain in your feet or ankles, simple tasks like grocery shopping and walking around your home can become intolerable and hinder the quality of your life. For years, South Shore Orthopedics has been helping patients treat foot and ankle pain as well as their underlying causes.

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  • Shoulder

    One of the most common complaints we hear at South Shore Orthopedics is that of shoulder pain. Pain in the shoulder may stem from the neck, shoulder joint, or any of the surrounding ligaments and tendons. When shoulder pain derives from the joint, it usually becomes worse when the arm or shoulder is moved, such as when everyday activities are performed.

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Professional, efficient, and compassionate about our work.

We offer a full range of orthopedic services including diagnosis, treatment and surgery of the musculoskeletal system for adults and children. We specialize in sports medicine, joint replacement, hand surgery, and shoulder and knee reconstruction.

Whether you are a competitive athlete, “weekend warrior” or suffer an injury or degenerative problem, we are ready to treat you and your family with the highest quality orthopedic care, professionally, efficiently and compassionately in our state-of-the art medical facility.

Areas of Specialty

  • Fracture Care

  • Hand Disorders & Surgery

  • Orthopedic Trauma

  • Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Repair

  • Joint Replacement

  • Sports Medicine

  • Workers’ Compensation


  • “My overall experience from promptness of scheduling from my initial appointment, to my diagnosis, to pre-op appt., to surgery, to post-op appt. were all excellent. South Shore Orthopedics is a “well oiled” machine.”

    Patient of Dr. Michael Ayers

  • “The team is professional and they show that they care. I would recommend them to all my friends and family”

    Patient of Dr. Michael Rowland

  • "Everyone is very upbeat and professional but still you feel the personal connection."

    Patient of Dr. Michael Geary

  • “Always a good experience. The Dr. and the staff are wonderful.”

    Patient of Dr. John Kadzielski

  • “Dr. Dafford was thorough and caring. She is excellent in her field of medicine.”

    Patient of Dr. Erica Dafford

  • “Everything about the doctor was excellent. I felt he cared deeply and spent the right amount of time with us.“

    – Patient of Dr. Glen Seidman

  • “I enjoyed seeing the positive interaction between all the staff.”

    – Patient of Dr. Owen McConville

  • “They keep up with how you are doing all the time. They care about your recovery.”

    – Patient of Dr. Michael Marchetti

  • “Dr Merra was a pleasure to deal with. She spent the amount of time she needed to spend with me, gave great explanations and also options for treatment“

    – Patient of Dr. Katherine Merra

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