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Category Archives: Health & Exercise

  1. 5 Tips to Improve Your Posture

    As kids, it is inevitable that you were told to “Sit up straight!” more than a handful of times. The nature of the universe dictates that objects will take the path of least resistance and slouching in a chair rather than remaining rigid provides just that. As time passes, the emphasis of good posture tends…

  2. 10 Tips to Train for Your First Race

    The world’s oldest marathon and New England’s most widely viewed sporting event is just a few weeks away–the Boston Marathon. Maybe it’s a bucket list item for you or maybe you simply just want to run a 5K. Whatever your goal or running experience level may be, training is an important component to achieving it….

  3. Common Hiking Injuries: Tips for Prevention and Treatment

    There’s nothing like the great outdoors to get you active and inspired. Fortunately, the South Shore area offers miles of walking paths and hiking trails including World’s End which features beautiful rolling hills, rocky shorelines and sweeping views of the Boston skyline and Wompatuck State Park which has a great introductory hike called the Heart…