During their lifetime, most people will experience pain or a minor injury to their hand, fingers, or wrist. In many cases, these minor injuries may result in pain or swelling that lasts for a short period of time. In certain cases, you will know exactly when a trip to the doctor is needed. However, at times it can be difficult to determine when medical attention is warranted. Below, we will shed some light on when to seek medical assistance for hand pain.

How Hand Injuries and Pain Occur

Dr. Glen Seidman, Hand Specialist

Hand pain can develop as a result of wear and tear, overuse, and injury. The most common causes of hand injuries, including finger and wrist injuries occur from sports related activities, accidental falls, fistfights, or work-related tasks. High contact sports such as football or soccer or high weight-bearing sports, such as gymnastics can increase the risk for injury. In children, most hand related injuries are a result of accidental falls that occur during sports or play. For adults, hand related injuries tend to result from osteoporosis, or loss of bone strength as a result of aging.

Examples of When to Seek Medical Assistance for Hand Pain

Although most minor injuries to the hands, fingers, and wrists will heal on their own, at times a visit to a hand specialist is necessary. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, contact South Shore Orthopedics today for an appointment.

  • Tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain of the fingers and hand
  • Decreased strength and movement in the affected area
  • Swelling and inflammation that occur without an injury
  • Swelling, numbness, or immobility that occurs after a fall
  • A laceration on the hand, fingers, or wrist with uncontrollable bleeding, or if the cut is over a joint on the hand

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Whether you have suffered an injury to your hand or suspect a hand condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, South Shore Orthopedics and our team of hand experts can help. Our providers will evaluate your symptoms and work to ensure your hand pain is eliminated once and for all.

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