Sports injury training is designed to help athletes prevent injuries while they are playing their sport. Our sports medicine doctors are dedicated to helping you reduce your risk of sports-related injuries. We encourage you to follow these guidelines in order to keep yourself injury-free.

Start Training Slowly

Sudden changes in training duration and intensity can increase the risk of sports injuries. We encourage athletes to start training slowly by conditioning before the official sports season begins. Conditioning is a warm-up period that can warm up an athlete’s body and prepare them for sporting events in the future. If athletes are pushed into rigorous training and sports after a period of inactivity, they may quickly injure themselves.

Eat Healthy

The importance of a nutritious, well-balanced diet should not be overlooked by athletes. We educate athletes on what types of foods they should eat, how they can control their portion sizes, and what foods they should avoid. With our nutritional guidance, athletes can strengthen their bodies and reduce their risk of injury as a result.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is just as vital as eating healthy. Athletes should get into the habit of keeping a water bottle by their side at all times and drinking from it often. Hydration can help them avoid fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Wear Protective Equipment

Hence its name, protective equipment is designed to protect athletes. Athletes should refrain from playing without wearing properly fitted gear as well as equipment such helmets, mouth guards, pads, and eye protectors.

Know When to Stop

Oftentimes, injuries arise because athletes don’t listen to their bodies. The providers at South Shore Orthopedics stress the importance of athletes listening to their bodies. While it’s important for them to maximize their athletic performance, overdoing it can lead to serious injuries and keep them out of the game.

Plan a Day for Rest and Recovery

Athletes should dedicate at least one day each week for rest and recovery. This way, their muscles can relax and they can give their muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue some time to rebuild.

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It is important to understand that even if you adhere to these guidelines, injuries may still arise. In the event you do experience a sports injury, you can count on the providers at South Shore Orthopedics to treat you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.