Tennis Elbow. Torn ACL. Rotator Cuff Pain. Whatever your ailment, you have made the decision to visit an orthopedic doctor. Now, you are left with the daunting task of determining the right orthopedic clinic for you and your family. With so many choices, you may be left wondering where to start. Below you will find the important qualities to look for when selecting the right orthopedist for you.

5 Qualities of a Great Orthopedic Doctor

1. Bedside Manner
You probably have heard the term “bedside manner” time and time again. That is because it is a quality that many find important when selecting an orthopedic doctor. Bedside manner is the way a physician communicates and interacts with a patient. At times, you may come across a doctor who excels in medical knowledge and experience but has a difficult time relating to the patient, therefore lacking bedside manner. As a patient, you will be sharing intimate (and at times even embarrassing!) information with your orthopedic doctor. Therefore, finding someone who makes you feel comfortable and at ease during appointments, procedures, and treatments should be your top priority.

2.  Empathy
Visits with a healthcare provider can be stressful and sometimes even upsetting, especially when you are dealing with an orthopedic injury. However, your distress in an orthopedist’s office can be eased if the doctor expresses empathy towards you and your loved ones. Empathy involves being able to understand other people’s emotions paired with the ability to imagine what another human being may be thinking or feeling. Empathy is the most effective way for a provider to acknowledge what you are going through and help you navigate an emotional situation, such as the decision to undergo hip replacement surgery.

3. Communication Skills
To the average person, medical terminology and jargon can get complicated and confusing. To avoid confusion, you should search for an orthopedic doctor who has great communication skills and can thoroughly explain medical terminology in layman’s terms. Finding a doctor with exceptional listening skills who takes the time to address your questions and concerns is also key. When surgery is involved, it is important that your orthopedist is able to walk you through the procedure and give you a clear picture of what is going to take place in the operating room, as well as what to expect for recovery.

4. Interest in Medical Advancements
It is no secret that technology is ever-evolving and changing the healthcare industry. New healthcare advancements that provide patients with more effective and efficient treatments continue to arise, such as wide-awake hand surgery. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest breakthroughs in orthopedic medicine, look for a healthcare provider who shows an interest in medical advancements. He or she should read research journals often and enroll in training classes to stay up-to-date.

5. Support Patient Decisions
Your orthopedic doctor should act as your partner when providing you with treatment options and recommendations. He or she needs to respect your thoughts, feelings, and opinions and understand that ultimately all decisions lie in your hands as a patient.

When you find a professional that possesses every one of the above qualities, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

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