By Dr. John Kadzielski


If you are suffering from a hand problem, you may be unable to perform everyday activities that you once took for granted. Tasks such as brushing your teeth, doing laundry, and vacuuming the house may be difficult to perform due to pain and limitations. Even turning a key or opening a jar may become difficult. There comes a time when hand surgery may be necessary to regain functionality of your hand as well as reduce pain.

In order to determine if hand surgery can provide relief from your symptoms, the first step is to schedule an appointment with a hand subspecialist. Your hand expert will perform an evaluation of your hand and make a diagnosis. Although surgery is preferred to be avoided when possible, in certain cases hand surgery may be recommended, such as one of the following procedures:

1. Carpal Tunnel

If you are experiencing the sensation of pins and needles and numbness in your fingers, carpal tunnel may be to blame. If symptoms persist, surgery may be recommended to release pressure on the nerve.

2. Trigger Finger

Although trigger finger can usually be treated without the need for surgery, at times surgery is required to free the tendon that has thickened and become stuck in the tunnel.

3. Ganglion

If you are suffering from a ganglion cyst that becomes painful or affects the movement of your hand or wrist, minor surgery may be recommended to remove the cyst.

4. Dupuytren’s Surgery and Injection

Severe cases of dupuytren’s contracture could cause your fingers to curl down into the palm of your hand. In cases such as this, hand surgery may be necessary to remove the tissue that has built up, thus releasing the fingers.

5. Tendon Injury

If an injury occurs to the hand causing a tendon to rupture, or if a tendon ruptures as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, surgery is usually needed to repair the damage.

6. Thumb Arthritis

If you are suffering from pain from the trapezium bone that does not clear on its own over time, your hand surgeon may recommend an operation to remove the joint and/or your trapezium.  

7. Fracture

 If you have suffered a fracture to your hand or wrist, depending upon the location and severity of the break, surgery may be needed to promote proper healing.

Learn More about Hand Surgery

If you are interested in learning more about hand surgery, we invite you to explore South Shore Orthopedics. Our team of expert hand surgeons are dedicated to providing you relief from your symptoms through the most conservative measures. If surgery is recommended, we provide Wide Awake Hand Surgery for those who qualify. Schedule an appointment today.