Green cast on an arm of a women isolated on white background; blog: cast careIf you hurt your joint or bone, your doctor may prescribe a cast. The main purpose of a cast is to protect and immobilize your injured body part. Essentially, a cast is intended to hold your bone or joint in alignment and prevent it from moving while it heals. 

In some cases, a cast may be used to rest a bone or joint to alleviate the pain that stems from moving it. So, how do you care for your cast once your doctor places it? Keep reading to educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of cast care.


Keep Your Cast Clean and Dry

In order for a cast to do its job, you need to keep it clean and dry at all times. Do your best to prevent dirt and sand from making its way into your cast. In the event your cast does get wet, use a hairdryer on cool air to dry it off.

Cover Your Cast During Bathing or Showering

Since your cast must stay dry at all times, use a plastic bag or special cast cover to protect it while you take a shower or bath. Remember that the plastic bag or cast cover is only helpful in protecting against splashes so you submerging in water is not a wise move.

Contact Your Doctor If Your Cast Need to Be Changed

If your cast gets cracked, damaged, or extremely wet, it needs to be changed as soon as possible. Visit your doctor right away to take care of this. The longer you wait, the more time you’ll have to wear your cast.

Wear a Cast Boot

You may need to wear a cast boot if you have a cast on your foot. While the boot may seem uncomfortable at first, it is important as it will keep your cast from bending, cracking, and wearing out.


Rest the Heel of Your Leg Cast on a Bed or Pillow

Instead of resting the heel of your leg cast on a bed or pillow, elevate your leg with a pillow or blanket roll under your calf to keep your heel floating and prevent sores. 

Stick Objects In Your Cast

Avoid sticking any type of object into your cast, especially sharp objects to try to itch your skin. 

Remove Your Cast Without Permission

It may be tempting to take off your cast whenever you feel like it. However, doing so is not a wise choice as it can prolong the amount of time you have to wear your cast. Wait until your doctor gives you the okay.

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