Now that the weather is beautiful, you should make an effort to exercise in the fresh air. If you are coping with pain, know that there are a variety of easy exercises that you can enjoy. Here at South Shore Orthopedics, we recommend the following outdoor exercises:


Practicing yoga in an outdoor environment is an excellent idea. It can give you the chance to stretch your body and truly relax while enjoying the atmosphere of a park, rooftop, beach, or anywhere else the yoga class may be. You will find that outdoor yoga enhances the traditional yoga experience in a studio setting.


Swimming is a great outdoor exercise because it allows you to strengthen your body without stressing it. You can swim on your own in a public pool or sign up for a water aerobics class and enjoy a joint friendly, resistance based workout.


Although walking is a simple exercise, it can provide you with a countless benefits. Regardless of whether you walk around your neighborhood or at a local park, you can expect to strengthen your bones and muscles and improve your balance and coordination. Walking in nature will also put you in a good mood.


You can rent or purchase a bike and go for a spin around your neighborhood or local park. Cycling is gentle on the joints and a good alternative to walking or running long distances. Be sure to check your bike for any defects prior to riding.


Most people don’t consider gardening exercise even though it is. When it’s done correctly, it can boost your strength and flexibility. Whether you garden in your own backyard or join a gardening group and do at a local greenhouse, be sure to stay hydrated, take breaks often, and bend at your knees instead of your waist or back.

If you are outside and moving, listen to your body at all times. If you experience any fainting or lightheadedness, cool down in the shade. It’s also important to start out slowly, especially if you have been inactive for quite some time. Consulting a doctor prior to participating in outdoor exercises and activities is a wise idea as well.

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As you can see, there are a variety of easy and exciting outdoor exercises you can take advantage of in the upcoming months. If you’re wondering which exercises are right for your particular condition, we encourage you to contact us today.