The Holidays are time for cheer, except for when an orthopedic trauma occurs. If you have laughed your way through holiday movies with their share of holiday mishaps– such as Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation — you know that holiday accidents are real and can happen to anyone. That is why it is important to guard you and your loved ones from common holiday related injuries that could land you in the emergency room with an orthopedic trauma injury. Below are a few tips for making it through the holiday injury free.

Avoid Dangers From Falling

Lights hung from the house, Santa and his sleigh on the roof, wreaths on every window, whatever your decoration of choice is this season be sure to practice safety measures while decorating. It is estimated that approximately 5,800 people are treated annually in hospital emergency rooms for falls associated with holiday decorating, with more than half of these falls occurring from ladders or roofs. In order to avoid an orthopedic trauma injury, such as a broken bone, make sure to take proper precautions when hanging your decor, such as having a helper to hold the ladder, or hiring an expert.

Avoid Dangers From Tripping

In order to avoid holiday related injuries, make sure extension cords are tucked away or taped down to avoid tripping. It is estimated that 4,000 injuries occur annually from accidents involving extension cords. 50% of these injuries involve injury from tripping over cords, such as fractures and sprains. Therefore, a little precaution goes a long way in avoiding an orthopedic trauma injury this season.

Practice Safe Travel

One of the main causes of an orthopedic trauma injury is from traffic related accidents and it is no secret that traffic can be atrocious this time of year. To avoid holiday related accidents, take your car in to be serviced prior to holiday travel. Also, check the forecast before you head out to make sure the skies stay clear. More accidents occur in snow and rain. If you are traveling long distances, schedule in rest breaks and have a backup driver ready to take the wheel when you get tired.

When Holiday Related Injuries Occur, We Are Here.

South Shore Orthopedics specializes in the treatment of orthopedic trauma injuries, such as the result of a fall or accident. Therefore, if holiday related injuries occur, schedule an appointment with one of our experts for the treatment you need and deserve.